Knowledge Institute of Medical Specialists

The Knowledge Institute of Medical Specialists is an expertise centre. We provide medical specialty societies with advice and support on the development and use of quality assessment tools and the development and application of (integrated) quality assurance policies.

The Knowledge Institute of Medical Specialists is a not for profit limited company founded in January 2013. The Dutch Order of Medical Specialists is currently its sole shareholder, but enables medical specialty societies to participate, thus turning the Knowledge Institute into a joint effort.

An important objective of the Knowledge Institute is to preserve and pool knowledge and expertise about the design and execution of quality assurance projects and policies in the realm of specialist medical care. Innovation and international collaboration are also priorities of the organization. The Knowledge Institute focuses on promoting quality and transparent specialist medical care in the Netherlands. Every patient must receive quality care tailored to his or her actual need, and provided by the right professional and in the right setting.
The Knowledge Institute of Medical Specialists provides:

  • Support for guideline development
  • Support for peer reviews
  • Support for development of quality assessment tools
  • Support for medical specialty societies concerning the preparation of policies (and policy plans)
  • Training in the area of peer reviews and guideline development
  • Support for design and implementation of (innovative) quality assurance projects, and development of new methodologies


Guidelines are the core business of the Knowledge Institute of Medical Specialists. Workgroups consisting of medical specialists are responsible for the designs of the guidelines. The Knowledge Institute of Medical Specialists provides these workgroups with support regarding approach and methodology. Our ambition is to contribute to improving the quality of care through thorough guidelines. The Knowledge Institute is a member of the Guidelines International Network (GIN). In terms of methodology, we work with GRADE.

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